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Required Reading for Ph101

A Prelude to the Study of Physics

Physics Phun:

Fu-Kwun Hwang's Virtual Laboratory The Internet Pilot to Physics
U of Colorado PhET SIMS Physics 2000 Astronomical Charts

Physics Phacts, Phigures and Phantasies:

Physics FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

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Karl's Calculus Tutor

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Download Snell Trace, A Free Ray-Tracing Program


Turnaround at ZERO Acceleration

Conceptual Models vs Reality

A Generalized Ohm's Law and Charge Dissipation in Conductors

qVxB force on current carrying wire

The Mechanical Energy Theorem (MET)

Analog vs Digital Terminology

An alternate world line view in Special Relativity

There are no Particles and no Fields

Getting PV=CT from Boyle, Charles & Gay-Lussac

Musical Scale Tuning (Lecture notes)

Constructing a well tempered scale

The Magic of the Rigid Body

PC Stereographics

The Nyquist Sampling Theorem

How far is the Horizon?

The Poor Bugle (No valves))

How the planets "line up" (Jan, 2016)